Haters Gon' H8

Say what you want about Mizz Miley Cyrus, but hell, I think the girl is smoking hot and to be honest, killing it with her new look. I have always been a fan of Miley, ever since that first episode of Hannah Montana where she embarrassed herself in front of a boy by putting loads of ketchup on her arm claiming it was a great moisturizer. From her days at Disney, through her acting phase (yes I've seen The Last Song and her most recent, fairly obscure film LOL), and now to this new thing she's got going on, I have always been and still attest to being a Miley supporter. Honestly, poor Miley! I think we are all being rather harsh. At the end of the day, the girl is simply trying to reinvent her image from a meek Disney star to a unique, pop sensation. Sure, some things, like her latex outfit (that made her butt look like a turkey, among other things) and her dancing at the VMAs may have been a tad much, but I give the girl credit for taking a risk and doing something fresh for a change. Whether you like her or not, I am sure you have seen her video for "Wrecking Ball"; thus, I rest my case that the reinvented Miley may have her fans and her haters, but regardless, she is garnering attention that is helping her rise to the top.

Moreover, to address the whole controversy about Vogue's decision to revoke her cover shoot, I can understand where the magazine is coming from. Personally, I don't think Miley's new image fits with the vision of Vogue, although this does not mean I reprehend her image as a valuable and fashionable one in itself. She's got her punk, red-white-black thing going on, Terry Richardson is eating it up and hey, if you ask me, she looks great on the cover of Harper's Bazaar. All-in-all, good for Miley for holding her head up high, withstanding demolition from others "wrecking" critiques, and trying to rap. Bangerz.

And her new video for the song "23" that premiered today...

Don't stop, Miley. Xx