A Tidbit

In case you have about an hour of time to spare and are looking for something to do, I would highly recommend watching this talk media mogul Tavi Gevinson gave this summer at the Sydney Opera House. When I was fourteen, Tavi became my inspiration and was a major reason I even started my own blog in the first place. Since then, her interests have evolved from fashion to feminism, to media and more. I can't lie that while I have always supported her, my interest in Tavi herself has wavered throughout the years. But, after watching this speech, I will admit that I have rediscovered my respect and appreciation for Tavi, her ramblings, her ideas and her "big big world". I mean for heaven's sake, the girl made "fangirling" an intellectual topic worth discussion. Come on now.

I have tickets to see Tavi speak this Saturday at The New Yorker Festival and am looking forward to here more of what she has to say (seeing as she never seems dry of thought).