Sister Sister

Happy birthday to my favourite twins, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen! While some may frown at this duo, I must admit that they are two of my favourite icons. Not only do they demonstrate the meaning of hard-work, dedication, and passion, but they are hugely successful contributors to the world of style with their several fashion ventures: The Row (an upscale minimalist line), Elizabeth & James (their more contemporary label), Olsenboye (an affordable collaboration with J.C. Penny), and Stylemint (a collection of t-shirts). Apart from the clothing they design, it is also their boho-chic, oversized (from bags to coats to eyewear) and eclectic personal styles that always have me drooling. Mary-Kate and Ashley have held a special place in my pop-culture/style obsessed heart ever since I  was introduced to their classic movie collection and of course, Full House, way back when. For me, they have not only been a source of entertainment, but also a source of inspiration. In the off chance that they might ever read this (*wink wink*), I wish them all the best on their 27th birthday!