Lite Brite

The latest addition to my photographic body of work - a series I call "Lite Brite". 

*Note: If you are interested in reading the artist statement I will be submitting with this series, read below. Otherwise, scroll down to see the images!*

“Lite Brite”
By Devyn Olin

The word photography is comprised of the Greek words “photos” – meaning “light” – and “graphos” – meaning “drawings” or “writings”. Essentially, when you take a photograph, more than capturing a scene or moment, you are capturing light that is responsible for creating an image. Throughout this year, my fascination with and exploration of light has intensified and evolved. In my past works, I focused on the use of both natural and artificial light sources and the ability of each to enhance my subject or photo itself.

In my series, I wanted to consider an artificial light source that is not necessarily intended solely for its luminescence, but more so for its purpose to evoke images. I used an LED projector to experiment with the idea of capturing an image but by creating said image using light. It is my hope that the ambiguity of these images will leave the viewer questioning what the actual subject of the photo is: is it the model, or the image being projected?

As a result of my continued experimentation with light, I have uncovered its many uses and believe in its great power. In many cases, an image can hold a great deal of potential, only to be weakened by its poor lighting. Light can depict a certain environment (i.e. indoors vs. outdoors), time of day, and perhaps even a given time period.  Moreover, lighting can ascribe a certain mood or emotion to a photo as it not only affects brightness/darkness, but also can impact tones and colours within an image. With my strong belief in the vast power of light, I was inspired to create a series where this element was brought to the forefront and became the focus of each image.

Shine brite lyke a ♢. xx