Clutching Reality

A clutch can sometimes be overlooked as it is deemed "too small" to pack full of whatever junk we ladies carry, but for the upcoming summer months, I encourage you all to put said feelings aside and reconsider the pragmatic and stylistic functions of the clutch. Reasons to love em':

1. They're dainty and lightweight. Let's face it, for someone who endures shoulder pain in the name of fashion, opting mostly to carry an oversized bag that weighs heavier on one side of their body, the clutch is an absolute saviour. Consider it... you might discover that less is actually more.

2. Choosing to look at the glass half full, a clutch's miniature size (although they too can be super-sized like any other bag or fast food fries) can be helpful in forcing a lady to downsize the amount of junk she carries. In actuality, we don't always need two lip-glosses, a hairbrush, every medication one could find on a drug store counter, an extra pair of sunnies, a sweater if we're cold, etc. It's true, us women like to be have to be prepared for anything; but, sometimes it can be nice to live in the moment with the few items you've strategically selected to tote and learn to laugh in the moments when we may not be fully equipped.

3. Good things come in small packages, and boy do they ever. Not that a bag can't do the same, but clutches often tend to pack a punch. They may be bite-sized but they are full of flavour, using their pint proportions or sleek nature to make a statement. The dimensions of a clutch juxtapose nicely against an overall outfit to create an appealing contrast worthy of one's attention.

This season in particular, clutches are living up to their name and duty with designers who have put forth an array of styles to suit every occasion. Below are some favourites I've collaged for your browsing pleasure! As I continue to build my collection, I hope you too shall grow yours.







Cheers. xx