Sliver of Silver

I am known by many as a girl who wears gold. It's not that I have anything against silver, it's just that when it comes to choosing a metallic, we all have our go-to lustre and my inclination happens to be gold. That being said, for all my time spent wearing gold, perhaps my sub-conscious effort to compensate was this past weekend, as I attended my high-school prom (with my handsome stud in tow) fully clad in silver raiment.

On him CANALI suit, GENE BAKER tie

Now that I'm catching on to this whole silver thing, I can't help but bat a lash at the marvellous array of silver shoes in Zara's latest collection. Perhaps the look may be a little intergalactic for some, but the brand has certainly produced a style for every occasion! Talk about variety - break me off a piece of THAT. 

Details here
All shoes by Zara

Apologies for the burnish overload. xx