Doggy bag

It has come to my attention, perhaps a bit after the fact, that fashion house Jil Sander has been the most recent of the braves to test the fashion world. How, you might ask?

Exhibit A) The paper bag.

This bag, despite coating and stitching to withstand actual tearing, has been ripped on by fashion critics worldwide since the day it graced the fashion week runway. It is simple to assume what some have to say, obviously commenting on its apparent ridiculousness and outrageous price tag of $290. Yet, it appears to be sold out globally. This leads me to a thought I feel is worth consideration: what does this say about consumerism and moreover, our society? 

It is safe to say that in present day, mankind has evolved into a nation of label-crazed enthusiasts. We pay big bucks for items that probably cost a small fraction of the total to make, and bear no shame as we tote said items around. In fact, we flash them for the world to see. It is quite strange, this way of life we seem to endorse regardless of our consciousness to the truth. And so I can't help but wonder if this bag is as absurd as some will argue, or if it is in fact rather genius in proving a point? Ultimately, I'll leave it to you to decide, but as I say farewell, I will present to you the same bag in leather that sells for a whopping $800. 

via The Telegraph

Bizarre, business, or just plain art? xx