StyleSaint Giveaway

Some may remember a post written back in May highlighting a new discovery, StyleSaint. As I once mentioned, the site allows one to virtually tear images and consolidate said inspirational photos into an online Stylebook. With the idea being rather genius (not to mention eco-friendly), I was immediately attracted to the concept and was thrilled to be granted the opportunity to join their global team of editors. So why am I sharing all of this? Well, what good would it be to keep a gem such as StyleSaint all to myself. I invite you, my readers, to join in the image-tearing fun by signing up for your own account on the site. In doing so below, not only are you granting yourself access to inspiration DYNAMITE, but you will also be entered a contest that could win you a $300 ASOS gift card. Pretty rad, no?

So really, how can you resist this offer? Type type type away and enter your info below!