Oh hi

I guess it is about time for another post? WELL, I do have some exciting news about the month of November.

1) It is MOVEMBER. To all the men out there (doubt there are many reading this blog?) - loving the 'stashes.

2) TUESDAY I will be meeting The Man Repeller. To say I am excited is an understatement, and to say I have no idea what I am wearing is, well, the truth. I better go figure that out... What to do, what to do!?! Feathers, layers, and a whoooole lot of arm parties!!

3) After I meet Leandra, The Man Repeller, and we become BFFs (obviously), I will be heading to her homeland the following weekend. Ok fine, maybe not just to see her, but still, pretty exciting...

4) My 2-year blogaversary is quickly approaching (November 22nd) and boy am I thrilled. I cannot wait to celebrate!

5) I am in the process of writing an essay for school all about my role as a blogger. Look forward to having the privilege of reading that gem in the next couple of weeks.

Here are some photos to (hopefully) excite you? Maybe?

via Meeeeee and Vogue

TTFN. xx