In my computer arts course this past year, I crafted various pieces one would hopefully classify as art. For the most part, each piece incorporates different images from a multitude of artists, styles, and sources. They were all made using either photoshop or illustrator (Adobe programs), and in most cases a inevitably genius combination of both! I hope to receive some feedback - I would love to hear what you think, whether it be positive or negative.
 Our first assignment was intended to give us some time to familiarize ourselves with the new, extremely complex programs. To say I was intimated at the beginning of the year would be a complete understatement. Who knew technology could be so scary!! Nevertheless, I am proud to say I have overcome my initial fear and Adobe and I have grown to be quite fond of one another ;). 
 Folded up, this template actually creates a milk carton! Surprising, eh? For this project I was undoubtedly inspired by Andy Warhol (in case you couldn't tell). I tried my best to implement hints of the Warhol style, including an extreme use of colour and striking graphics.
 Unlike the projects you have seen thus far, the image above is a self-portrait based off an image that was taken in class. While the first part of this assignment was to simply copy the image, the second allowed each artist to get a bit more creative with their form of self-expression. As you can see, I played around with the idea of perception and optimism - two attributes I feel are unbelievably important to possess.

Last but not least, we come to a close with the surrealism assignment. In all honesty, I struggled the most with this project. I became far too focused on making each detail fit, and could not wrap my head around the fact that surrealism should be spontaneous and unplanned. It took me a couple of tries, but I finally was able to loosen up and let my imagination run wild.

Care to share your thoughts? xx