Who doesn't love a great architectural and design wonder? I know I do, and if you're like me then you will most definitely appreciate the outstanding concepts behind the Hermès Boutique in Saint-Germaines-Prés, Paris, France. Extremely unique and as says, "radical", this boutique was built in a swimming pool! Yes, you heard right, and that was most definitely NOT a typo. But don't be fooled, this store is not actually underwater. The boutique is in place of a pool that belonged to the Hotel Lutetia, a grand art deco building from the 1930s that was home to Paris' oldest swimming club.

Again, according to, the pool in which the shop was created was not modified too much and has been preserved. In addition, there are three large skylights above the atrium allowing for a great deal of natural light. Fabulous, is it not?

The masterminds behind this and all other Hermès boutiques is RDAI architecture.

Mind-boggling. xx