Don't you love finding interesting things on the web that are just plain cool? If you share my sentiments, be sure to check out Eyefly. This website enables one to upload a picture of themselves, and virtually try-on the glasses the site so proudly boasts! Great, right?! Funny enough, I had the idea of creating an online clothing store (for a business class project) that followed a rather comparable idea, allowing the customer to virtually try-on the merchandise. I decided on the name Change Room, for the obvious reason that the experience would be similar to that of a change room online. Unfortunately, this idea does not exactly exist just yet, but I would keep your eye out for something that could be brewing in the future ;)

In the meantime, you will have to practice with Eyefly and their fabulous eyewear collection. Get crackin'!

I spy with my virtual eye (credit to my mom for that one)...xx