If you have let to listen to the youtube link I sneakily used as a new and rather creative, I might add, title to this post, I will be happy to share with you the message I hoped to send and that is:


But, I mean, I am not excited, thrilled, bouncing off the walls, or anything like that.

Seeing as I have absolutely NO obligations (for the most part) with regard to science, history, math, etc., I am setting a goal to post at least once, if not more, per day until I leave for camp! YAY right?! I know, I thought you might see it that way.

Let's get this shindig on the road shall we? And who better to start us off than Alexander and Jason... oh the men.

Jason Wu Pre-Spring 2012

T by Alexander Wang Pre-Fall 2011
via Knightt Cat
But enough about next fall and spring, let's just start the summer. xx