It is times like these when I become a very jealous person

For those who do not know, I will let you in on a little secret. Bloglovin' is my life. There is nothing I love more than visiting my Bloglovin' account and catching up on the latest posts from various blogs I avidly follow on a daily basis. Though I try very hard not to pick favourites, it is hard to deny my strong adoration towards The Blonde Salad. Apart from being incredibly beautiful, italian (what an accent), and having the most endearing boyfriend and puppy I think I have ever seen, she has an UNBELIEVEABLE wardrobe and sense of style. Now to link back to the title of this post - why am I jealous you might ask? Well... my mom is currently in Vegas for a special Mother's Day trip and who did she run into? None other than The Blonde Salad herself, Chiara Ferragni.

My mom Deborah (the shortie ;D) and Chiara

Chiara and Richie 

Wish I could have been there! Oh well, I guess I will just have to take a trip down to Italy sometime soon :)

Ciao, for now! xx