Flava flave

Though I love fashion more than anything, like I have mentioned many times before, this blog pertains to style, and not just clothing (as lurvely as it may be). Underneath the umbrella of style, of course falls many different topics, one of which being music. Musica, 音乐, muziek, la musique, musik, מוסיקה, muzyka, música (no, I am not able to speak a zillion languages... google translate is a beaut). No matter how I say it, the word music always translates, in my mind, to the same thing: a melody you can groove to. Aside from fashion, music (though my parents would probably beg to differ and say reality TV) is next in line. I hope you can see where this is going...

I have decided to share with you the songs that are currently keeping me cheery and recharged, without giving away too much of the annual summer playlist I plan to post in the near future. Here it goes!

I don't want to spoil the fun that will come in a few weeks, thus I have only left you with a snippet of my current jams. Not to worry, though, the best is yet to come!

Also, I recently had the pleasure of seeing Bill Cunningham New York. I suggest that you all take a trip to the cinema to check it out - what a loveable man. While I have contemplated the idea of a special weekly feature for quite some time now, after watching this film I have made the decision to go forth with the idea. Look forward to a new segment coming soon!

Now, go dance. xx