The start of something new

While some may think this is a fashion blog, it is in fact a style blog. How is fashion different from style one might ask? Well, let me help you. Fashion commonly pertains to clothing, whereas style is a general topic for which design, beauty, and fashion can fall under. Thus, in keeping with the "style blog" theme, and having already explored both design and fashion, I have decided that right now would be an opportune moment to share my thoughts on the topic of beauty.

First and foremost, I would like to discuss the oh so alluring, and ever-present "smokey-eye". I think that IN3GUE from Intrigue Me Now exhibits a perfect example of the smokey-eye as present in the photos below. I love the approach she took as she incorporated more than just black and grey, but navy and hints of white as well. The look suits her well, n'est ce pas?

via Intrige Me Now

Moving on... while my school enforces strict rules about the colour of nail polish acceptable (I know, insane), it only makes me appreciate bright and interesting colours that much more. From what I have been seeing lately, there is nothing I love more than the Chanel nail polish. The colours are perfect, unique, and I adore the incredibly sleek parisian names. 

 On to the next! In terms of bronzers, blush, eyeshadow, mascara, well, you name it, below are some of my favourite colour combos this season. From neutrals tones to vibrant hues, there is definitely something for everyone.

via Gee Beauty

Finally, we come to the latest craze in the celebrity hair world. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, Ombré highlights have taken over and I most definitely approve! Should you be interested in more information on the look, click here. If only one thing can be said, ladies (and men if you're into that kind of thing...?) it's time to frost those tips!

via Knighttcat

Hopefully I did not FAAAAILLL my first beauty post and there shall be many more to come in the future.