Throughout the past few weeks, my friend Alyana and I have enjoyed taking photos of our outfits during any one of the various "Grub Days" our school provides. A Grub Day, for those of you who attend co-ed educational institutions, is a day where you can forego the traditional uniform and come to school in comfier, less "homogeneous" apparel. 

Side Note: The first set of photos you will see were taken on the always classic "Pajama Day". Nothing is better than rolling out of bed a bit later than usual, not having to worry about dressing yourself in anything but what you are already wearing! 

What I'm wearing: Nick and Nora PJ's, LF black tank top, Ugg boots.
 Vintage Locket
What I'm wearing: Matilda sweater, American Apparel leggings, vintage locket, black riding boots.

For all you Canadians, enjoy March break! xx