No, I have not fallen off the planet...

...though, it is quite obvious these clothes have!

This post is so incredibly, unbelievably, embarrassingly, unimaginably overdue (nuff adverbs?), that I could only feel comfortable posting about this so late because, well, these garments are !@#$##$^@$%^@$%& AWESOME.

You may have seen some items appear in my "Arbitrarily Obsessed" box located just to the left, or maybe you saw them on my friend Chelsea's blog (which is where I stole the pictures and video featured in this post... thanks Chels :D), however you are now going to see them just below these ramblings.


Christopher Kane

A girl can only dream...
via Tumblr

Thank you. Have a nice day. xx

p.s. I like this...

It reminds me of these bathers from way back when, and can also be found here.