The grand finale

I MUST APOLOGIZE. I know I have been slacking with posts... and I promised you my final Hawaii pictures a month ago (jokes, more like a week and a half ago) but no need to fear because the pictures are finally here! Between my french homework, math homework, and history homework I don't really have much time for chit chat, however gear up my friends as I have an astonishing eight folders that have been crowding my desktop with wonderful photographs for future posts... that is, if I survive through all this schoolwork. In all honesty, what I am most ashamed of is the fact that my Bloglovin' account tells me I have over eighty unread posts. WHAT HAVE I BECOME!?!?!?! Oh well, at least I had time to vote for the 2011 Bloglovin' Awards! Enjoy your weekend my dear (and all remaining after my long, annoying absence) followers!

Et voilà...

What I'm wearing: Tucker blouse, Veda leather shorts, Balenciaga bag, Stuart Weitzman wedges.

What I'm wearing: Victoria's Secret bathing suit.