Nearing the end

The title of this post has a number of significant meanings. We are nearing the end of the fall season, nearing the end of the first term of school, and finally, I am nearing the end of the amazing holiday themed post to come! I sincerely hope that the constant mentions of this upcoming post does not result in disappointment. I guess we'll find out ;)

Well, here is yet another post to stall in the meantime. This past Friday I spent the night with my friends having a fun girls/spa night watching cheezy shows/movies, (Wild Child, Keeping Up With The Kardashians, and obviously Sex and the City) eating waaay too much, and doing face masks!

Here are some photos capturing the fun night:

Willo's Yve Saint Laurent satin heels with hand painted flowers on the back - from the 70's.

G.N.O.I. xx