I can't help it, ok?

I know that after reading this post, people may think that I am thinking backwards, but I just think that's not true. So what if I just love fun and colours and cheeriness all the time? So what if that is what is providing me with inspiration in the middle of the winter (and runway minimalist) season? I still like it. Deal. In case you haven't already figured out that this post is a collection of things I find inspiring and purely delightful right now, well, now you know. Enjoy!

Above: Brigitte Bardot album cover. If you liked the song in the Miss Cherie Dior commercial you will absolutely adore The Best of Bardot. The song from the commercial is titled moi je joue.

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Who knows what it is, but for some reason I am really enjoying girly colours and a vintage/retro feel right now. Perhaps the island life is getting to me... ;);)

Enjoy your holidays everyone!

Talk soon. xx