Carrots and Whiskers

Why hello there. Didn't think I'd be speaking to you so soon! Seeing as it is Christmas this saturday, I decided I would post some of the beyond fabulous drawings that Fifi Lapin has created in honour of the holiday season! For those who are not familiar with Fifi Lapin, she is the world's most stylish bunny. Fifi is fortunate as to be rocking the most fashionable frocks by only the greatest and most renowned designers. Beginning on December 1st, Fifi started the countdown to Christmas by posting a new drawing of her outfit each day! Below are all 22 of Fifi's incredible ensembles. Because it is not December 25th (Christmas) quite yet, be sure to check back during the next three days to see the last of Fifi Lapin's holiday attire.

via Fifi Lapin

As Fifi would say...

Bunny Kisses. xx