Well, well, well. It appears I get sick at just the right times! Last time I was sick, it happened to be the day that Sex and the City 2 was released on DVD and today I noticed that Teen Vogue has posted their picks for the 50 Best-Dressed Celebrities of 2010... hmm, now I've got you doubting my illness... mwhahah. Just kidding, I am actually sick. But conveniently so, don't you think!?

Anyway, I have chosen to feature my favourites of Teen Vogue's noteworthy picks for your viewing pleasure.

#50 Sienna Miller

#41 Maghertia Missoni

#31 Dree Hemingway

 #26 Elle Fanning

 #19 Leighton Meester

#15 Nicola Peltz

 #13 Whitney Port

 #9 Olivia Palermo


#1 Alexa Chung

I am in love with every one of these outfits whether it be casual, fancy or even preppy. These celebs are well-deserving of their place in the top fifty best-dressed! If you want to see others who made the cut, click here.