Gettin' technical

In case you didn't know, aside from fashion I am a lover of all things technology. I love to get my hands on the newest gadgets and enjoy fiddling around with different programs whether they be on a computer, iPod or even a gaming system. I guess you could say I am a geek... Today in my multimedia class I was introduced to a designer by the name of Hussein Chalayan. Hussein is incredibly unique and unlike anything I have ever seen nor dreamed of.

Check it out.
Tell me that is not the coolest thing ever!? I mean honestly the fact that our world has developed and advanced to a point where we can go out wearing one thing and come home wearing another (without undressing, I might add) is simply mind-boggling! Though I am not a huge fan of his actual designs, the concept is totally rattling (in a good way!) and uber futuristic.

Here is another one of his designs...
I have to say, though the concept of the other collection was far more advanced, I much prefer the look of his "video dresses". 

If you have any interest in seeing how the "video dresses" were made, watch below!

Is this the way of the future? xx