News flash

Hey, hey, hey everyone! I realized this afternoon/right now why I love writing... you can be sitting in bed, feeling like pure $@#%@#$%@#^ due to an awful cold and fever, but I can still sound like my normal self thanks to the beauty of writing! So, what have I been doing... well for starters, I have been fiddling around with different features on Blogger. You may be seeing a new blog layout arriving some time in the near future, but I am not quite sure yet. I always say to embrace change but change involving technology, well that is just plain scary. Aside from that, two days ago I watched Sex and the City 2 (my life) and today I spent all day watching The Rachel Zoe Project.

For those who do not know, Rachel Zoe is a highly regard fashion stylist. She is closely connected with many large fashion houses and designers, beauty firms, advertising agencies and magazine editors. Some of her clients include Demi Moore, Cameron Diaz, Anne Hathaway, Liv Tyler and Eva Mendes. I absolutely love her style. It is basically all vintage, totally 70's, beaded dresses, fur vests, oversized ombre shades and tons of heavy jewelry. Oddly enough, I was downtown last weekend and saw this vintage black patent crinkled Courreges jacket that was so amazing:

(The picture does not do it justice - bad quality due to use of camera on phone)

Ironically, as I was watching The Rachel Zoe Project today, she happened to be wearing the exact same jacket in yellow! Take a look below (skip to 8:07):

Not only do I love Rachel, but her assistant Brad who you can see in a few seconds before 8:07 is the cutest guy ever and dresses fabulously. I watched an episode today where they went to Paris and he purchased a vintage Dior leather trench coat... as Rachel would say, it was "to die" or he "killed it". 

That's all for now... xx