While I was waiting at the hairdresser just last week, I discovered a book titled Vanity Fair's Hollywood. The book was filled with photographs and stories of many famous celebrities from Liza Minnelli to Jim Carrey. Every photo was beyond stellar (what can you expect from creative masterminds such Ms. Annie Leibovitz and Jonathan Becker) though it was one photo that struck me, Julia Roberts captured by the insanely talented Herb Ritts, that has remained in my mind since last Thursday. It was one of those photos where you simply wished you could swap places with the lucky subject. Today I decided to google some of Herb's other work and decided they were just too good not to share. Thus, you will find a few of his photographs below beginning with my favourite find from the Vanity Fair book...

*Attention: viewer discretion is advised.*

His work may be odd at times, but I think it is absolutely spectacular and a pleasure to look at. I adore the lighting, angles and techniques Herb uses to capture a fabulous masterpiece with each click of the camera.

Black&White, so classy. xx