Somebody call the waaaa-mbulance

          Do I ever have a fascinating discovery for you! Cynthia Rowley has paired up with Band-Aid Brand (quite an unlikely duo) to create a tin of limited edition high-fashion Band-Aids. Now some of you skeptics out there may be thinking, what has the world come to if high-end designers are collaborating with companies that produce, well, band-aids BUT I have been thinking and I have come up with what I feel is a suitable rebuttal. In my opinion, the purpose of clothing, or fashion if you will, is to make one feel confident with their own appearance and make them feel special. It is an art involving fabrics used to hide those areas you don't wish to share, and reveal those that you wish to flaunt.
          As we know in life, there are often little bumps in the road and one cannot expect to be smooth sailing all the time. For example, when you have that brand new azure jersey minidress you are dying to wear but you have an awful scrape on your leg, what do you do!? Well, you can either let it breathe OR you can choose to cover that puppy up with a band-aid. Let me ask you, would you rather pair that azure jersey minidress with a plain old tan band-aid, or would you rather introduce your outfit to a Cynthia Rowley sequin patterned bandage? I think we all know what the answer would be in this scenario. HOW IS THAT FOR AN EXPLANATION! BA-BAM!
          Ok, ok, so maybe there really is no reasoning behind the Cynthia Rowley-Band-Aid Brand combo, and maybe there really is no need for high-fashion band-aids but...

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...aren't they just the cutest!? xx

P.S. Sorry... I just realized what a useless rant that was. I like the Band-Aids. That is all.