Sil Vous Plait!!!

SO! I should be doing homework, because I do have centuries worth (slight exaggeration) but I managed to stumble upon a little competition (obviously, what timing). Below is a picture of the incroyable Alber Elbaz, designer of Lanvin. If you click on that photo, it links to a site asking you to "vote for my blog". The blog that has the most votes wins an exclusive trailer of the Lanvin and H&M fashion show! My darling, darling readers... oh how I loooooove my readers :). 

If you would be SO SO SO kind as to vote for me, I would be ever so grateful. I have never won anything in my life. ever. Actually, that is kinda a lie because I guess I did win a bingo game once... but that was in third grade... and all I got was a VHS tape of  The Rugrats... so, yeah. Anyway! Please please please vote! Invite your friends, family, heck even tell the guy on the side of the road! In the meantime, here are some Lanvin masterpieces to get you in the mood... 

via FashionGoneRogue


Thanks to the extreme! xx