Uh oh, that's me

A big unit in our art course this year was self-portraits. We started with a simple black and white photo of each student, and were then responsible for recreating that image using only pencil. Mine came out, well, like this...

Though I must say, the third photo makes this sketch actually look like a self-portrait, I came to the conclusion that the original sketch makes me look like Squigward, from Spongebob Squarepants. I truly do not know how I made this connection, but when I saw the incredible length of my nose in these sketches my mind immediately latched onto the fact that I resembled a made-up squid in one of the weirdest cartoons on television. You'll see what I mean when you scroll down below...

Hello beauty! Well, what can you do. 

Our next assignment was to craft a more modern self-portrait that involved a different, perhaps unrealistic scene or impression. I chose to create an image of myself underwater with a sort of sea-urchin, scaley, fish-type feel. Woah, I just realized that I must really feel like a squid underwater if this is how I chose to paint myself. Wow, what a realization. 
I think that's enough for today. I must take some time to come to peace with the fact that I am a sea creature who has somehow washed up from the sea. 

OH ME, OH MY. xx