I guess I forgot to mention... I'm on summer break? I'm on summer break! I'M ON SUMMER BREAK!!!! I was collecting a bunch of photos that provide inspiration for this season from many different designers and fashion editorials, but I realized, I much prefer outfits that are realistic and can be spotted while walking down the street. Thus, I delved into the thousands of talented and artistic beings posting their "looks" to lookbook.nu. I managed to come up with six different photos that emulate my take on this season's hottest trends.

Stripes are fresh, relaxed and always bring the image of a sandy beach or pristine white sailboat to my mind - a lovely thought. 

A hint of army can spice up any outfit whether it be a skirt and heels or jeans and loafers.

Vintage-looking patterned full-piece swimsuits are preppy yet modern. I love the idea of replicating your grandma's old swimming trunks based on photos you find in the basement. 

Pastels like pale yellow or pink and frilly socks are soft and pretty - a feminine approach.

Lengthy dresses with interesting prints are fun and easy to throw on any day of the week.

BIG voluminous hair and kooky glasses are great to play around with. 

Now all we need is Mr. Sun? Sun? Mr. Golden Sun? xx