Ok, I know you think I am stalling...

... but I am honestly gearing up for the Vegas post and have just about finished organizing the photos! I feel like I am building up the suspense and these posts are not going to live up to their long-awaited arrival! Anyway, I have some MAJOR news that just could not wait.


Image via WeHeartIt

TOPSHOP, yes that is right, T-O-P-S-H-O-P is on it's way!!! For those of you who do not live in Toronto, this post may be an annoyance and viewed as yet another bump in the road, but for Torontonians this might as well be Christmas, Chanukah, Kwanzaa, or whatever other holiday you celebrate that is at the same caliber! According to the Toronto Star (read the article here) the affordable yet stylish clothing is making its debut as a "shop-in-a-shop" at Jonathan + Olivia  on June 19th. Rather than being ambitious and taking a major chance in this shaky economy, Topshop made the smart decision to "taste test" the Canadian market by selling their main line, footwear and makeup at a trendy store located at Ossington Avenue and Queen Street West. If you haven't already been to Jonathan + Olivia, I suggest you pop in with or without the Topshop collection as the store is home to many alternative and lower profile labels such as Alexander Wang, Isabel Marant and Surface To Air

Jonathan + Olivia, get ready for some WILD crowds! xx