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So... you might have noticed that my blog looks a little bit different. Whether you like it or not, I must admit, I was not so pleased with the whole ordeal. Blogger decided to change things up and while I may be the one who constantly preaches "embrace change!", as my friend Sasha says, do as I say, not as I do. If you were up at 1 in the morning last night, you would have witnessed the erratic and confusing change of scenery taking place on this site. From a background that looked like the wild wild west to one that resembled a sheet of line paper, this blog could not be associated with style. I am usually one who adores fiddling with colours, fonts, sizing, etc. but this sudden change was overwhelming and to say the least, traumatic. I am sure that you, my readers, shall become witness to a few more changes throughout the next little while but in the mean time, for all my fellow bloggers out there, I have one thing left to say...