I do art?

I have been taking Art as a subject at school since forever, but this year when it was no longer a compulsory credit I decided I would continue to take it as my elective. As the school year is coming to a close, my friend Alyana and I thought we should take some pictures of the work we have completed thus far (some of the photos below were captured by her). I must say that I was shocked by the outcome of some of the projects as they were not complete, utter failures.

Felted Teddy Bear, I kinda sorta unofficially named her Miranda.

At school we have a 3-D printer. You might be thinking, hold up girlfriend, WHAAAAT!? No worries to you people, I'll explain. We have special modeling programs on the computer which allow one to design and create a character or object, etc. These creations are then formatted in a special kind of file which is then sent to the 3-D printer. The printer has a thin needle at the tip which layers plastic in thin lines until it eventually creates what you originally modeled. The printer takes a very long time to print each design, my above creation taking a total of approximately 12 hours. I like how it turned out, I think it looks like a sort of denim material with stitching. I call him... snowboarding dude. Creative, I know.

Bottom left: random page in my sketch book, Top left: blind contour drawing, Bottom right: photo taken for self-portrait

I'm not done yet... xx