Viva Las Vegas

Well, well, well, I knew the day would come that I might make it on a flight to the "Fabulous Las Vegas" but I never thought I would see the day so early in my life! Regardless, I am absolutely positively totally 100% ecstatic to be going to Las Vegas tomorrow.

**Special thanks and congrats to my Grandparents who are responsible for the trip that is in honour of their 50th WEDDING ANNIVERSARY!**

Since I am not yet of legal age, gambling is not an activity taking up space on my itinerary, therefore you can be sure I will be spending my days plowing through what I am sure is enough shopping to not only make me drop but quite possibly make my brain boggle. I hope to return with some FABULOUS pictures to show you FABULOUS readers when I not so FABULOUSLY return.

Can't wait to be blinded by the Las Vegas lights! xx