Pump, pump it up

Friday June 11
3pm - 6pm 
Gee Beauty
2 Roxborough W.
416. 486. 0080


Photos via blog.geebeauty.com

The fabulous girls over at Gee Beauty are hosting an event they like to call the Pre-Summer Party. They would truly love if you would join them at this event. Knowing them, it is sure to be spectacular! Product show-hows, mini-make up lessons and chances to win awesome prizes such as the Teen Vogue Handbook (my life) and Michael Kors Shades (perfect for summer!) are just some of the things being offered at this event. 

Be there or be, well, not there ;)

... but trust me, you want to be there!

RSVP at info@geebeauty.com or 416. 486. 0080

Don't forget to bring all your best buds! xx