♫ Boogie Woogie Woogie ♫

I know I have been lacking on posts lately, however in the midst of completing my math homework I thought that I should share the latest tunes I have been grooving to and that it would kinda sorta maybe make up for the fact that I have been somewhat short on posts lately! Warning: songs may cause unusual behaviour such as lip-syncing with your pencil, bopping your head to the beat, or getting up for a casual booty shake.  

Loving that vintage clothing and setting!
Things I wish after watching this video: 

1. I could rock that hairdo. 
2. I could master those rad dance moves. 
3. I could own such a spiffy getup. 

Videos via Youtube

Dooooo-Wahhhh-Doooo. xx

P.S. Be sure to look out for a new addition to the blog's sidebar... COMING SOON!