Enza is pro, for schou

Photos via NyMag

Thanks to my sleep-in at school tomorrow, I thought I would indulge and write a little somethin' somethin' (though these designs deserve more than just this silly little write-up) about my new obsession with the outrageously mind-blowing, Proenza Schouler. I love the bold prints adding an edgy touch to the feminine shapes, the phenomenal use of furry/hair like material (not sure if it is real or faux) on the cardigan/blazer cut tops, the incredibly sly incorporation of leather as it takes the form of platform booties and vintage-y bags, and of course the rich tones of blue, green, and the occasional splash of orange. Difficult is not even close to the word I would use to describe (although I just used it....) what it was like for me to narrow down 34 images to a mere 12 with which I created the three collages. Sooooo, I better stop here and now because knowing me, I could go on for another hour or so.

BUT COME ON', DON'T YOU JUST LOVE EM'!? Alright, now I'm done. xx