Eins, zwei, drei

Gaga has done it again. This girl is undoubtedly making her mark and continues to shape a new generation of music listeners and clothing designers as she introduces her catchy songs and striking videos to the world. As if the Lady herself is not enough, Beyoncé was invited to join in the fun. The new video for Gaga's hit song "Telephone" premiered last night and immediately sparked some controversy. The video covers many topics worth talking about such as prison, murder, lesbianism and nudity, however Lady Gaga is known to push the limits, and test her audience. Whether you love or hate it, everyone is gabbing about the new video and maybe, that is all Gaga even wanted? Talk talk talk. However, with all Gaga's young fans, the video may be a bit too presumptuous. In any event, the spicy duo do not fail to provide a 10-minute spectacle that is audacious yet fresh. I have watched it about 10 times in the past 24 hours, therefore I have spent approximately 1 hour and 40 minutes of my day with the fearless femmes. All topics aside, I am more intrigued by the staggering amount of costumes, detailed headpieces, and strong makeup marking their territory on these fierce young women. If you have yet to see this bold statement, take a peek at the clip below...

What they're wearing?

Lady Gaga
Striped Jail Outfit (custom) - Jean Charles de Castelbajac
Sunglasses worn with stripe outfit - Mercura
Crime scene tape dress (custom) - Brian Lichtenberg
Chain jumpsuit (custom) - Viktor & Rolf
Cigarette sunglasses - Haus of Gaga
Studded leather jacket - Search and Destroy
Sunglasses worn with studded jacket (vintage) - Chanel
Studded bikinis - Haus of Gaga
Large hat, black and white dress suit (vintage) - Thierry Mugler
Blue telephone hat (custom) - Fred Butler
Waitress dress - Rachel Barrett
Backup kitchen dancers - Jenny Araskog
US Flag bikini - Haus of Gaga
US outfit boots - Christian Louboutin
Leopard outfit - Haus of Gaga
Western cowgirl outfit - Emilie Pirlot

Hat and black cut-out dress (vintage) - Thierry Mugler
Yellow western hat and bodycon dress - Astuko Kudo
Round sunglasses - Jeremy Scott
US flag party dress - Oscar Olima
Denim backup dancers - Oscar Olima and Franc Fernandez
Leather backup dancers - Noki, Bess and Haus of Gaga
Jacket and shoes worn in motel room - Jean Charles de Castelbajac
Jean shorts worn in motel room - Oscar Olima and Franc Fernandez
Western cowgirl outfit - Emilie Pirlot

Info via demicoture.ca and video via Vevo youtube.com

What do you think of Gaga's latest creation? xx