Happy new year everybody! I know I am BEYOND slacking, seeing as I am wishing you a happy new year an entire week after it past, but better late than never, right?! I hope you feel so....
Anyway, I am sure you have all made some lists of resolutions for the year ahead of us, so I thought I would share some of mine with you and some knick knacks to go along. Maybe we will have some similar thoughts?

1. Read more. If you know me, I write novels, but can't read them. Seriously, who am I? Maybe I should pick myself up one of these and then i'll be more inspired...
2. Keep my desk CLEAN.
3. Part with some of the unnecessary items collecting dust in my closet. I'm a junkie... maybe I should clean out my desk drawers too.
4. Work-out every week with my dear old friend, Palma.
5. Be nice to my sibs. I mean, I've only got two, and there's only so much time left (mom if you're reading this, please don't cry)!

It seems like a small list, but you can be sure that for me, these five things are going to be a great challenge. Better get cracking! I would love to hear what you all are working towards this new year! Feel free to comment with your new year's resolutions!

Now, it is most definitely time for a little new year's jam sesh...

And of course, what better way to start a new year than with some humor?

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Peace, love, TWENTY TEN! Have a good one:)