Spade makes me draw hearts

If you have yet to decipher, let me just say, that when it comes to writing I am an unstoppable blabber. Ask all my classmates, if I were given a word limit of 750 for a short story, I would write 1050 (that is not a joke… it happened just this week). It is an odd thing, as I don’t tend to chatter on when I speak, but for some reason it is very difficult for me to explain my point of view in one sentence, phrase or word.

Kate Spade has certainly outdone herself in her latest collections of fashion and accessories. After being in hiding for quite some time, Kate has finally decided to surrender in her seemingly endless game of hide and go seek, and boy am I glad! Anyway, before I unknowingly prove my point, I am going to interrupt myself and let the pictures do the talking.


Above: Kate Spade You Dazzle Me Esti Dress. Playful and innocent with a whimsical bow, yet scandalous and alluring as it sits on one shoulder.

Above: Kate Spade Big Apple Right Left Mittens (left) and Big Apple Taxi Mittens (right). These adorable mittens are the perfect thing to own for the upcoming weeks of frost. Not only are they utterly sweet and charming, but they are also quite handy (I mean, let's be honest, who doesn't forget which hand is which from time to time?).

Above: Kate Spade Radcliffe Yard Joanie Sweater. This sweater is enchanting yet stylish with it's voguish sleeves and exuberant bow (in my favourite colour). Please tell me, what is not to love!?

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Ciao bellas. xx