C'est une très chic technique

Everyone knows opposites attract, but who would have thought this quality could be put to use in jewelry design? It is this rare sort of contrasting magnetism that is the surge of creativity for the irresistible designs by Danielle and Jodie Snyder. Besties by blood, sisters Danielle and Jodie founded their jewelry company, DANNIJO as recently as 2008. Ever since then, DANNIJO has been making appearances in high-end boutiques and stores worldwide. The girls have been featured in a number of magazines and television shows including ELLE, The Today Show and InStyle to name a few. Whether their pieces be youthful or sophisticated, elegant or bold, simple or intricate, this dynamic duo sure knows how to make a statement in the fashion world!

Above: "Clia" from the DANNIJO Haring Collection. Classy with diamonds or infused with some colour, these mini-cuffs are sure to spice up any outfit from jeans to dress pants.

Above: "Anya" from the DANNIJO Cult Couture Collection. A breathtaking addition to any outfit, this piece will be sure to steal the show.

Above: "Rawson" from the DANNIJO Lost At Sea Collection. The magnificent purple sphere is brought to life as it rests gently upon the detailed gold frame. Bubbly and fresh, this tiny ring is enough to satisfy an outfit without any extra jewels.

Photos via dannijo.com

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