Holiday Gift Guide Spectacular

I know I've been a hermit. I know I don't even deserve to be posting on my own blog for the very shame I have brought to it with my lack of presence. I know I am a terrible person for not virtually acknowledging my 4th blogaversary this past November 22nd. I know, I know - I just suck. That being said, this blog is my party and I will post if I want to. I couldn't help but post about some of the adorable items I've been stumbling across lately, especially since they are all under $100 and therefore are simply asking to be advertised as perfect gift ideas. So before I lose the interest of any followers who have remained...

collage 1 - graphic.jpg

Top Row: Reason Clothing $28, Urban Cricket $32, Luncchb0xx Clothing $45

Middle Row: ALL Local Heroes $29

Bottom Row: ALL Swinn $36

The Graphic Gift

Graphic tees, beanies, bras, hell just about everything, are all the rage right now. Pair a statement tee with a party skirt for a casual but cute holiday look, or throw on one of these toques to add a bit of kick to your winter outfit. For your active friend (you know, the one who makes you jealous of their sculpted abs and who can run on the treadmill in a sports bra and no shirt) try one of these gym-stopping pieces.

collage 2 - accessories.jpg

From left to right, top to bottom: BOTH sunglasses by Quay Eyewear $45, YO! by Suzywan Deluxe $33, iPhone cases by Zero Gravity $24.50, Metal purse by Topshop $56, Nail ring by Nylon $18, Crystal ring by Bing Bang $68, David Bowie ring by Leroy's Place $18, Nail bangle by cc Skye $95, BOTH Spike and lightening/moon earrings by Bing Bang $48, ALL other studs by Vinca USA $16, Make-up bag by Topshop $30

For The Accessorizer

You can never have too many accessories or have too much fun playing with them. Any of these items would make a sweet gift! Much like the graphic gifts, these tiny details are able to make a big statement but in a small package.

collage 3 - books.jpg

Top Row: The Man Repeller: Seeking Love, Finding Overalls by Leandra Medine $17, Alexa Chung IT by Alexa Chung $20, The Fashion Book: New and Expanded Edition $52 by Editors of Phaidon

Bottom Row: Rookie Yearbook Two Edited by Tavi Gevinson $22, Grace: A Memoir by Grace Coddington $26, The Sartorialist by Scott Schuman $20

*All books available on Amazon and at Barnes & Noble

Some Rad Reads

I personally own all of these books, but have only just purchased the first four. I look forward to reading them over the holidays as I have heard really great things (The Fashion Book has been called "the fashion bible" by Vogue). There is nothing like a good book to keep you busy as you sit on a beach or by the fire, moreover, why not use them to decorate your home. 

collage 4 - DVDs.jpg

Top Row: The September Issue $8, Sex & The City: The Complete Collection (Deluxe Edition) $84, Spread My Ashes at Bergdorf's $17

Bottom Row: Clueless $5, Gossip Girl: The Complete Series $90, Love Actually $10

*All available on Amazon

Must-Sees, Must-Haves

My parents and grandparents often make fun of me for the number of times I can re-watch something I have already seen. Seen above are all movies and shows I could watch over and over for hours on end. They are absolute must-sees for all those who haven't! Giving a box-set or film as a gift can be a great way to bring people together as you can watch with your friends and family. For a thoughtful touch: think of creating a fun gift package with some popcorn, holiday sweet, or whatever else may be your recipient's favorite treat! 

So there you have it! Tons of ideas that don't break the bank, but are still able to make for a wonderful holiday season with the wonderfully special people in your lives.

Best wishes to you all! Xx

A Sip of Pop Culture

Discussion question: What is with this new trend to infuse innocence with pop culture? On the one hand, I kind of love it. I can't deny the comical satisfaction that results from seeing Spongebob dressed as Terry, Karl, and Anna, and seeing my youth epitomization of beauty, that is, the disney princesses, portraying Miley in her various stages of image progression. But at the same time, what are these photoshopped creations saying about society today?

By artist Mike Frederiqo

By artist Mike Frederiqo

Via Bullett Media

Via Bullett Media

In taking these childhood figures we used to idealize and linking them to the influences of our present, there is a statement being made about the development of youth. I for one used to be an avid watcher of Spongebob as a kid, but have since turned to the pages of Vogue and Terry's Diary for my Saturday morning entertainment. It is a sad truth to realize that innocence fades, but these cartoon clashes spark nostalgia in my memory of the younger years. To sum it up in short, we may be getting old and facing changes in taste, but never forget where it all started: with Disney and Spongebob.


A Tidbit

In case you have about an hour of time to spare and are looking for something to do, I would highly recommend watching this talk media mogul Tavi Gevinson gave this summer at the Sydney Opera House. When I was fourteen, Tavi became my inspiration and was a major reason I even started my own blog in the first place. Since then, her interests have evolved from fashion to feminism, to media and more. I can't lie that while I have always supported her, my interest in Tavi herself has wavered throughout the years. But, after watching this speech, I will admit that I have rediscovered my respect and appreciation for Tavi, her ramblings, her ideas and her "big big world". I mean for heaven's sake, the girl made "fangirling" an intellectual topic worth discussion. Come on now.

I have tickets to see Tavi speak this Saturday at The New Yorker Festival and am looking forward to here more of what she has to say (seeing as she never seems dry of thought).